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Wow. First day of high school. The first two hours were pretty boring indeed. I got to listen to the AP's and all the big people say how 'excited' they are to have us Freshman here, blablabla. I really can't stand people say the same stuff, trying to make it sound like they're excited, but I know it's not much of a change of pace for them. Every other year they'll stumble upon some exceptional student who does amazing things, but that's really as exciting as their job will get. Enough about them -- on to my day!

After the ceremony-thingy, I went to my Homeroom, Briegle. Briegle is a going to be a pain. He's obviously somewhat clueless and seems to enjoy making you do pointless stuff. But, thankfully, Homeroom isn't even a class, however, I have him for DDP [Design and Drawing for Production]. DDP is gonna rock. We get to sit in big comfy roller chairs and design a 'product' on the computer, and then we make it. Not much homework, either! Anyways. I had Math with one of my friends from Dewitt, Charles, which is good. Earth Science will be pretty boring, I think. I should have taken Molecular Bio. I got switched into Honors German with Brofenbrenner, so that's all good. PE is definately gonna be a pain in the butt to bring a change of clothes and all that junk. On the bright side, we get to do Archery as a segment later on! :D I'm not too bad at that, either. What else did I have ... Global Studies will probably turn out like Math and Earth Science, boring, though we've got some interesting people in the class. One guy is named 'Lord', and we have 3 Sams in the room, including Sam Luddy. I have 2/6 study halls, and 1/6 science lab. The rest are all PE. All in the 3rd period. What a stupid way to set up a schedule. So, this is my schedule, layed out in a readble format!

Homeroom: Briegle

1st Period: Math: Kuckes, D
2nd: Earth Science: Fast
3rd: [Days 1,3,5] PE, [Days 2] Earth Science Lab, [Days 4,6] Study Hall
4th: German 2: Brofenbrenner
5th: Lunch
6th: DDP: Briegle
7th: Global Studies: Shenk, 1st Semester, English: Cabrera, 2nd Semester
8th: Global Studies: Shenk, 1st Semester, English: Cabrera, 2nd Semester

Yup, that's my schedule. Also, German looks pretty interesting. I've got 2 good friends in there, though the teacher looks like she gives tough assignments.
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