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Wow. This was a strange day. I sort of felt...invisible. Which is different. It's not like people didn't notice me, it's just, like, my comments seemed without meaning or something. It's hard to define. I went nuts at lunch, but that's another story for a different day. Went through the day without much stress, considering last night, which I will now explain.
Yesterday I was planning on walking home and hanging around the commons for a half-hour or so today. Wait, that didn't make sense. Today I was planning on walking home and spending time on the commons, and I told my parents, but all of a sudden they come out with this bull. They don't think its safe for me to be on the commons. They really think I'm gonna get pulled in by some random stoner, smoke some weed, and get addicted? My parents are such...such....asses. After I argued with them for a good 20 minutes on the subject, they essentially said they don't believe I'm old enough to do anything on my own, whether they said it literally or not, it doesn't matter. I know this town well, I spent the entire summer biking places, and being very self-sufficient. Now when I want to hang with my friends at the commons, things change. I can't be trusted, its not safe, they think the people that are there are all druggies. Oh how I despise them, I truly do. My dad promptly gave me a 1 hour lecture after the arguement, which I was successful in completely ignoring. It's fun pissing them off, but why does he think 3 lectures in one week will help? Oh well, enough ranting on THAT subject.
The whole lecturing thing doesn't get to me really, it just becomes a bother. Only thing i fear about that is getting grounded. Problem is, I was too compliant for 2 years in a row, they thought they had complete control. They underestimated me, they really did. Both my brothers did the same thing I did, only they threw their acedemic lives with it. I don't intend to do that. I respect my brothers a great deal, but, I know some of their mistakes, which I don't intend on making.
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