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I have had the weirdest day ever. And it rocks. So today's a wednesday, right? I forgot to set my alarm for 30 minutes early, so i could catch the bus - I missed it and so I stayed home til 8:45 and slept. (my dad can't take me on Wednesdays, he has a meeting). So my dad got me to school at about 8:50, and dropped me off at the back. Now, dealing with the moronic security officials known as the hall moniters, the back doors were locked. I banged on the doors fr 5 minutes (with a random dude) and finaly got in. Walked all the way to attendance, where which the normal secretary for being late was not there. I kinda waited around for 2 or 3 minutes, and another secretary gave me an illegal tardy pass, despite the fact I had an excuse from my dad. Anyways, I went to my second period class (it was around that time) and she told me to go to my homeroom. I did that (keep in mind how many times I'm walking around the school) and my homeroom teacher gave me my schedule for the day. Because it's career day, I've missed the first career day class, and I have to go to my second one now, which is already half done. I got to the assigned room, and it's empty. The teacher in the room says the instructer never showed up, so I left and went to a programming class, which was actually all about hackers. I didn't learn anything new, that's for sure. After that, I went to my first period class. But wait! First period is actually at the END of the day! So I go straight to my second period class. So awesome! I'm now in my first period class. This is so cool. So disorganized. So awesome.

What a day.
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