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Today has been funky, ups and downs, it's been somewhere between a "..." and "O.o". Biggest factor was alack of sleep, I only got 5 hours of it last night. Rents randomly tell me that my uncle will be here in 5 hours (he's here now). Not a bad thing, he's cool, just sudden. Gotta do lots of reading...only I homework I have to do tonight. Must make timeline of the book. Must read 100 pages. w00t. In any case, I must be going to do important things. As a side note, I hooked up my stereo speakers (as in full size speakers, that are as big as my moniter) to my computer. Sooner or later I'll bother setting up surround sound, but not right now.

OH! I keep forgetting to post my school schedule.

»Math 10 Honors
»Global 10 Honors
»English 10 Semester Double Periods Honors (Semester 1)
»German 3 Honors
»Physical Chemistry
»PLTW: Digital Electronics (w00t!)
»Intro to Programming: 1 (Visual Basic :-P) (Semester 2)
»Intro to Programming: 2 (Java! :-D) (Semester 2)

It's gonna rock.
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