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Continuing with my gaming phase over the past few days...

A game I'm really looking forward to has finally gone gold. Fable, an RPG long in the making, is going to ship on September 14th. (I already have mine pre-ordered from EB, although I'm too poor to get fast shipping, so I'll have to wait 5 days. :-()

EDIT: I just learned that they offered free 3-day shipping! Huzzah for not waiting over the weekend!

In any case, IGN has done an excellent review of it, which covers most of the bases. They ended the article by stating it wasn't as good as KotOR, which has been hailed as one of the greatest RPGs made to date. Having not played the game yet I can't really make a fair comparison, and I find it almost impossible to believe that Big Blue Box, the developer of Fable, would abandon a few really cool elements such as being able to steal clothing from your enemies, and seeing young children get haircuts like your own (you can do that, you know, get haircuts and stuff) is something I just don't understand why they would drop.

EDIT: It appears TeamXBox has made a review as well, which has a little bit more informative (IMO) than IGN's. Here it is. They gave Fable a 9.1, whereas IGN gave it a 9.3. Gamespot has yet to make a full review.
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