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Ah yes, I do love Fridays. Spent the afternoon down at the Apple Festival with Ben and Colette, then walked home and played some Ninja Gaiden after Fable continually gave me the dirty disc error. I've realized the Ninja Gaiden soundtrack is excellent - it's an awesome combo of techno and classical techniques. Along with a good game. I'm hoping to get enough money for Live sooner or later so I can get those upgrades for Ninja Gaiden (new weapon, more outfits for Ryu, handful of new enemies, improved graphics, new music, improved AI and increased difficulty), and then Burnout 3, and then Rome: Total War. So many games, so little time! *glee*

In other news: HALO 2 IS ONE WEEK OR LESS FROM GOLD STATUS. Frankie announced today in Bungie's weekly update that they just shipped the game to final testing, where it will be double checked for errors and glitching, and from then on it's just production and compiling of everything. They have over 2 million pre orders to fill, and that's not even including Best Buy, Amazon, FYE, Target, Walmart, etc., and all those stores. They've got some work to do still, obviously. That psyched me up a little bit.

In even better news: Sam may be coming over next weekend. He hasn't confirmed it with the dude he's hitching a ride with, but if all goes well, he'll be here for three days next weekend. Cool, yes? Yes, it is.

EDIT: Sam isn't going to be coming after all. It turns out the guy he was coming over with doesn't have enough room in his car.

I really love Ninja Gaiden's soundtrack.
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