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This week has been pretty good. It started out meh, but it gradually just got better and better. Gwen's, Paul's, and Ben (Feldman)'s birthday party was last night, which was pretty fun. Other than that, I've spent a lot of my time doing make up and retakes for school. On Wednesday I discovered I had an F in Chemistry (this was gonna go on the 5-week report, and that just wasn't gonna happen) which I resurrected to a B, possibly a B+ depending on the grade of an extra credit paper I did. I was frustrated many times by my English teacher. I had to make up this essay we did that I missed, so I told him I'd come after school on Monday, and then he wasn't there. I told him I'd come after school on Tuesday, but he wasn't there again. Even on Wednesday, he wasn't there, but he left the door unlocked, so I had to go through the papers on his desk to find mine (he finally let me do it during class that day, for a whole 20 minutes *grumble*), which for some reason was labeled "never showed".

Anyways, that's about the peak of the excitement I experienced. In other news, due to an anonymous tip from Mike, I learned of a secret game that everyone plays called Maple Story. In essence, it's a free MMORPG, with Gunbound-style visuals. It's mucho fun, especially when you're running around with a party of people and stuff. It's well balanced, and all character classes are unique from eachother. Definately worth the 170 MB download, IMO. My Halo 2 fanatacism has waned for the moment. I still maintain it's the most fun multiplayer game I've palyed, but my mood recently hasn't been suited for it. As in, I haven't been in a good enough mood to handle getting owned from time to time. I don't like the ranked games enough to really want to play them alone, either. I just don't enjoy the settings. I much prefer custom games, they're more laid back and enjoyable.

My first Christmas present has appeared under the tree! Not a clue what it is, as my parents are really good at disguising stuff. They'll usually stick easily guessed items (CDs, games, movies, etc.) in bigger boxes with lots of padding. Oh well.
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