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I'm Not Convinced (O.o)
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I am recovering from running 11 laps (including the various running outside of PE, I ran 3 miles today). It hurts. It's interesting how critical people are of me for actually doing what we're supposed to be doing in PE. When I try to explain why I run, nobody gets it. They get this blank look on their face, and quickly switch back to their sarcastic mockery of an activity they probably aren't fit enough to do. And now, a rant.

[geek rant]

As I opened up my Google homepage, I noticed a /. article that piqued my interest. So, I checked it out. What I found was an article that was a poorly disguised troll to stir up the standard mockery of M$ and the owner thereof. In general, the Slashdot kind of geek is smart, wise in the ways of science and/or programming, and is a faithful user of a linux variant. This also usually entails a deep, close-minded hatred of M$ and Bill Gates. This ticks me off, a lot.

Whenever anyone mentions M$ (I use the acronym simply because I mock them, and partially because Microsoft DOES make a lot of money), Linux geeks appear from nowhere and make the most horrific generalizations and accusations that are mostly wrong. They complain about the GUI (which you can change), BSODs (which disappeared since NT), poor UPnP, horrific networking capabilities, the list goes on; anything that was bad about Windows 95, they will mention. Honestly? Comparing Windows 95 to the current versions of Linux is retarded. Linux doesn't have security issues - why? Because there are practically no programs for it. At least Microsoft TRIED to provide programs to use (Internet explorer, windows media player) instead of just saying "it's not OUR fault nobody is using our superior OS!". So what if IE and WMP suck? At least they get the job done.

Here comes a typical response: Microsoft forces people to pay for their disfuctional products. They didn't get where they are now by making completely disfuctional products. Consider this: half the reason using computers and software is so much more streamlined is only because computers are infinitely more efficient, faster, and easier to make and utilize. Most crashes, in my memory, were caused by just overloading the system - that's a hardware issue. Don't try to tell me Linux wouldn't have crashed - that's a hypothetical nobody can prove. Just because it's your favorite thing since sliced bread doesn't make it perfect.

Point is: I'm tired of hearing Linux geeks talk about what Windows used to be. Right now, XP is a stable (it has almost never crashed on me), secure (I've never had any kind of virus of adware), and most of all: easy. You have to do next to nothing to get Windows to do what you want. Every now and then I find myself frustrated by having everything in a GUI - there are virtues to doing everything manually, but most of the time I look to my computer as home, not work.

[/geek rant]

So, Zach got his PSP, which I have yet to see. Eventually, one day, I will walk home with him and Ben and see this marvel of technology. For now, I shall stick to my cookies, sour cream & onion chips, turkey, and chicken that I picked up yesterday when I went to the store with my mom. I tell you, my mom does not get the right quantity of food unless I provide specific directions. :P
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