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Dramatization of Romance
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The past few days have kept an intense theme, for me. I have a giant post half-written about why I'm staying abstinent until I'm married, sparked by some forum discussions. I've had half a dozen conversations with my dad, both of my brothers, and two friends of my brothers, all about relationships, mostly involving me listening to what's going on in their lives and how they're handling it. The trend continues.

Because he isn't brave enough to say it to anyone else, I'll do it for him.

(I should note that this is somewhat obscure for a reason. If you don't know who this is, you probably don't need to.)

* okay, but keep in mind, anywhere you want to go... i've already been there
salandarin: i can't believe you actually had the ovaries to go there
* the sperm bank?
salandarin: it was never a competition or a comparison, not even now
salandarin: i'd drive up there to kick you in the balls, but you don't have any
* of course it's not competition, timothy
* it's simple linear progression
* i was first, you are second
salandarin: you used and abused, i didn't
salandarin: i suppose you're right
salandarin: you manipulated and lied, i didn't
salandarin: you're right!
* one of us is obviously better suited for today's society
salandarin: don't think yourself avante garde, your tactics are as old as humanity
salandarin: you missed out on something amazing, and with that path, you'll never catch even a glimpse of it
salandarin: if you want happiness, you won't find it in yourself
salandarin: i'm willing to take a fair bet that one of us is happy, and one of us isn't
salandarin: and i'll let you in on the secret that i'm happy
* slashdefensive
salandarin: you're the one who's insecurity pushes him to scoff at anything he doesn't understand
salandarin: it's not the first time you pull shit like this, i suppose i'm not really surprised at all
* you're the one whose ignorance pushes him to scoff at anything that challenges his indoctrination
* and no, i am a manipulative sociopath, but i'm not sure what you're referring to
salandarin: i suppose i'm only left wondering if i've aided you in your manipulation, or if i can continue to rest easy in taking the path of honor
salandarin: but that's not a question you can answer
* well, i certainly hope you weren't complicit in whatever it was, cause that wouldn't go over well with deity of the day
salandarin: funny how you fancy yourself on the new, current wave, and yet you accuse me of doing the same thing.
salandarin: everything's the same, in the end, there's nothing new under the sun, including all the world's assholes
salandarin: you could be so much more, and it honestly saddens me that you let yourself come here.
salandarin: whatever; see you around
* okay!

I've spent a while trying to think of what to say to this. I thought about a long analysis of the concept of manliness. I considered a small essay about the pursuit of happiness. I was tempted to list off all the ways you've wronged every person around you. None of it seemed fitting. This does, however.

ROFL, fagwagon, i pwned your n00b ass
posted by MC Froehlich at
If this is who I think (read: know) this is, I have something I'd like to say:

This is probably the first time I've ever seen you admit to being what I know you are.

And you know, despite how angry I was (and still am) with you about that shit you know you did, the honesty you display is... welcome.

Oh, and let's not pretend we don't all know who I am.

Also, to Tim: Well played, sir. Well played indeed.
Blogger MC Froehlich said...
Anonymous Anonymous said...
El oh el, it's me, Mr. Anonymous!

1. This started out as a joke; I left that comment when I first learned you were (blanking) (blank). You neglect to mention you responded like eight hours later. I didn't realize until halfway through that you were trying to 'pwn' me. I thought our friendship was bigger than that.

2. Yes, I am a manipulative sociopath. I'm a compulsive liar too. Anyone who knows me at all (including (blank)) knows this, whether or not either of us admit it. This is called a 'personality flaw' (or 'disorder,' fine). Live with it.

3. You make quite possibly the most pretentious presumption I've ever heard by telling me I'm not happy because I don't fit whatever your (or your indoctrinator's) prescription of what 'happiness' is. You find happiness in ignorance. I find happiness in understanding.

4. I'm truly happy for you that you've found Blank. She may hate my guts now, but I can say unequivocally that she is the smartest, most devilishly (pardon the term) jocose girl I've ever met. While I may regret some things that happened during our (blank), she should know that she is the first girl I ever truly loved, and what mistake I made was out of sadness and desperation. Good luck to the two of you.
Anonymous Benjamin said...
Intarweb Drama, stemming from RL Drama. I'm so glad I'm in college now.

Oh, wait...nevermind.
Blogger MC Froehlich said...
it happens, i guess. i feel a little dirty for using my blog to make a point, but i feel like it was meaningful enough to go down in the depths of history.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thank you, Tim.

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