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Finally through my 3rd day of school. Man am I TIRED. I have to get up at 10 tomorrow, since my German test is at 11. I'll definately sleep well tonight. Hopefully.

School today was interesting. Got yelled at for being late to DDP, but it isn't my fault. I have to walk across the entire school grounds to get there. And the teacher doesn't care either. A little explanation. In period 5 I have German 2, which is in sector K. DDP is in the technology sector, sector E. Each sector is usually just a circle, essentially, with 1 or 2 sets of doors to the outside, and connections to other sectors. E is essentially a Freshman Homeroom sector and technology sector. It's off to the far west. K is the exact opposite. Now, not only does it take over 2 minutes to walk from K to E, you can't run. And on top of that, you have to walk through the G sector . The G sector is just a mess. They are always packed insanely full, and most of your time is spent shuffling through there. Oh well. I just gotta find a better way to get through.

I've learned to appreciate the weekends again. I'm so tired. Sooo very tired. I need some sleep, and lots of it.
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