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The weekend at Sam's house was fun. I thought Sam and I would end up in our usual deadlock of 'What do u wanna do? I dunno, what do u wanna do?'. We went to the mall, I got Halo PC. That game is too much fun. I earned 20 bux by helping Sam clean his van. It was really, really sick. And not in a good way.

One thing I discovered over the past 3 days: Sam knows way too many girls. Way too many. It really sucks, none of them seem to notice me either. It's like "[Sam] Oh yeah, this is my friend Tim. [Me] Hello! [Random Girl] Uhh, hi. So Sam, blablabla..." NONE OF THEM NOTICE ME! [Grr]. I just dont have a very striking way with girls. I get along with the girls i know just fine, but making new friends that are girls is nearly impossible. Any females reading this wouldn't really understand.

Overall a fun week. My parents get home tomorrow, though. I am NOT looking forward to it. I really can't stand them. I don't HATE them, but the only good I see them doing for me is giving me food and clothes. I earn all my money on my own, its not like they ever give me any money. I can't wait till I can drive so I don't have to depend on them for transportation. Hopefully my dad won't bug me much this week. Though neither of my aprents are worse, they're equally horrific. My mom is annoying, nagging, and never shuts up about stupid stuff. My dad is prying, annoying, and clueless. They really are aggravating. I could rant on about my parents for another few hundred words or so, but I'll spare you people.
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