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After so many waves of those Ninja Gaiden posts, I think I can get back on track with life.

That was a really great weekend, I must say. I don't think I've gotten that much rest in a long time. It started off on Friday with Daniel coming over, and we played NG for a few hours, talked, had food, it was fun. Saturday was spent moving rooms! Finally (yes, really) I took the effort to move the stuff from my old room down to the basement. It was actually a lot of work - I had to clean both rooms before and after moving stuff, then find place for all my boxes (Legos, mostly), and I had to clean out a lot of the clutter in the old room. I never knew so much stuff could be crammed into one room. It took me the entire day, basically, but it was fun, and really makes my life easier. Now that Sarah has moved out (gone to the Philipenes), I have the downstairs bathroom to myself, which is really the best part of the deal. I could deal without having a TV and the XBox, and my computer in there, so long as I had that bathroom to myself.

After cleaning everything, I talked to people and stuff, and on Sunday, experiencing the aftermath of accident after accident doing the sound system at church (kept messng up the sound levels, forgot to tape the sermon), Daniel came over from 1-8, and we played even more NG. I got him through about half the game, and I beat it for the second time. We ate more food, talked more, it was lots of fun. It's been a while since I've gotten to spend that much time with him so it really was an enjoyable time.

I leave now to read the Comics...
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