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After a rather strange week, things have been slowly getting back on track.

I dscovered the secret to my ups and downs after school. I just need something to do, that will occupy my time for 20-30 minutes. This wouldn't be a problem except nobody is online till like 7:00, and Ninja Gaiden is so hard it's too frustrating to do it in long periods of time. Stuff like cleaning my room and sewing patches onto my uniform works, but it also requires that the room be dirty or I have patches to sew on. I hope there will be a solution.

My USP arrived (again) and I think there was something initially wrong with the old one. It cocks much faster, with less clicking and banging. Hopefully that wasn't just due to wear and tear. I'll be lubing the barrels sometime in the near future, though probably after my birthday, seeing as I may be getting another pistol. Hopefully.

I'ved been getting worried as my birthday approaches...I haven't gotten any birthday cards. Birthday cards are usually my main source of money, since I never get money for Christmas. Maybe my parents are keeping them? :-/

Another thing I've been thinking about is a summer job. I'll be 15, and mowing just doesn't cut it for pure mass in money. You can always take on more customers, but you have to try and maintain the ones you have now, which I'm doing a pretty poor job of. I was never a really great worker, to my own dissapointment. I once had a job walking a dog twice a day, 5 dollars for every hour I walked her. I made 300 dollars in a month if I actually did it right. But foolish, stupid 6th grader me, I slacked off and they fired me. Same thing could happen with one of my best mowing customers. She asked me to shovel her sidewalk and driveway for a month, despite my objections, and gave 50 dollars up front. I did it two, possibly three times. I basically ripped her of 35 bucks. I really hope she either didn't notice, or didn't mind. That'd be 15 bucks every 10 days, down the drain. *sigh*

Off to go read the comics.
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