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After 6 hours of sleep, I'm back at school again...hoping more E3 stuff will be released by the time I get home. w00t! I sent Daniel (he's off in NC, for his yearly trip to Hattera's) the screenshots and IGN review of the demo. I forgot to add the link to that too - the IGN review has a LOT of meat to it. I think the next thing in store for E3 this week is a real multiplayer game. I hope so, at least!

IGN Article

There's also a Gamespy review. I despise Gamespy, but it's a read for those seeking, nonetheless.

Gamespy Article

Finally, two new links for the E3 video have been released. These two are the best quality and best resolution - but requires a 30-40 minute download wait. Stupid FilePlanet.

Video 7 (227 MB)

Video 8 (337 MB)


UPDATE: A really nifty IGN interview of Pete Parsons (Bungie Employee) is up. Reall good stuff, though whoever posted it did a poor job, some questions are mixed randomly or cut off mid sentence. Still really good!

IGN Interview


UPDATE2: A picture of the Halo 2 regular and Halo 2 LE box has been shown, though not confirmed.

Halo 2 Boxshot?
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