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AH....summer is like, almost here. I can taste it. I've had a good couple days recently. I'm getting a significant amount of sleep. 7-8 hours is definately the best dose. School has just gone down hill. I can't work when I'm this hyped. Which is bad, considering important things are happening. Oh well! Gotta go mow a lawn soon. It's finally nor raining! I love rain, but only when accompanied by LOUD thunder. I hear no thunder.

Moving on, I still haven't recieved a reply from the Computer Room. I'm just gonna walk in, and get them familiar with me. Eventually once they know I'm competent I'll ask if I can work. I really hope I can. I bought Thief 3 the other day at the store, that's been jolly good fun to play. Sunday night I spent at Daniel's house, we rented Gladius, that was also loads of fun. Went to the very boring Memorial Day picnic, and came home. I stress the boring part. It was indeed boring. Meanwhile I keep trying not to think about how I'm definately not a ninja. Don't ask.

I need to get going, perhaps post something later.


LATER UPDATE (next morning): (woo) I ended up doing some weed-whacking with the new trimmer we got...that's really tiring. Oof. Arms hurt. *yawn* Being Friday morning, I'm still waking up. Bah. SAT II tomorrow...I'm not too worried. I think it will go well. It's sort of an experiment, to see if I can actually get by on any test without studying. I've done it all year, but this is probably the best test. 5 days left of can't believe it. Woot!
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