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Apologies for not updating in such a long time. Especially Gwen, who informed me at least half a dozen times that my blog was "boring" for the past week.


In any case, I've had a rather null week, basically tonight's sleep will end it all with a big question mark and begin the school year. I might not sleep, I uually have trouble sleeping on the night before school. Summer hasn't been what I had hoped for - I mostly get the feeling ebcause of the two weeks a bit after camp (the one right after was wonderful), spent waking up very late and doing very little. Summer hasn't been bad, I just wanted to end it better. Sam's absence will be....very noticable....tomorrow. It's not gonna be the same.

We miss you man.

I've basically been playing The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind all week. Fun game, not the best RPG ever made, but continually entertaining. For those of you who don't know, Morrowind is essentially the first open ended RPG ever made. It has some 10-12 factions and guilds you can join, which make up probably 250-300 of the quests you can do, while the other 100 or 150 are just out there for you to discover. The only problem I find with the game is that everything is minimalistic. The interactions are basic and very black and white. The characters and buildings are not very unique from eachother, and all the names are very random and not easy to remember. In any case, it's still a game worth playing.

I'm ready for school to start.
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