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Measuring the fame of a game is a hard thing to do. Everyone has different opinions, good and bad. But I think I've found a way to really get a basic measurement on a game's fame. I call it the google. Measured in millions of search results, you can quickly find exactly how famous a game is. The key to this is using the exact phrase operator - "(insert query)", it automatically removes all the DEFINATELY unrelated search results. For example, it changes the query 'half life' from 11.4 to 3.61. Those other 7.79 all just contained the word half or life. Obviously unrelated. But on to the point - I've measured all the games I own in googles, and some of you may find the results interesting. What you see (excepting the colon) is the exact query, only without the "_" operator.

Halo: 2.54 (see comments)

Total War: .929 ("Total War" game OR PC OR RTS OR rome OR medieval OR shogun)

Ninja Gaiden: .306 ("Ninja Gaiden" game OR xbox OR tecmo OR team OR ninja OR ryu OR hayabusa OR nintendo OR microsoft"

Fable: .667 (using "Fable" game OR xbox OR molyneux OR lionhead)

Dead or Alive: .551 ("dead or alive" game OR xbox OR fighting OR nintendo OR playstation OR Ultimate)

Grand Theft Auto: 1.92 ("Grand Theft Auto" game OR ps2 OR xbox OR PC OR tommy OR vercetti)

Starcraft: .7 (using "starcraft" Blizzard OR RTS OR PC OR game OR protoss OR terran OR zerg OR brood OR war) (also remember this thing was made in 1996, so the popularity of it faded before websites were as easily made/maintained)

Warcraft: 1.34 ("Warcraft" blizzard OR RTS OR game OR PC )

Rainbow Six: .749 ("Rainbow Six" game OR PC OR xbox OR FPS OR tom OR Clancy's OR ubisoft)

Splinter Cell: .904 ("Splinter Cell" game OR xbox OR PC OR ps2 OR gc OR gamecube OR sam OR fisher OR stealth OR ubisoft OR tom OR clancy's)

Final Fantasy: 1.85 (using "Final Fantasy" game OR playstation OR ps2 OR PC OR square OR RPG)

Keep in mind that some games don't work under this method. Ex: Mario. That will give you approximately 11, but the vast majority are about actualy PEOPLE, so you can't count that as accurate. Halo and Half Life both have a healthy chance of being inflated, due to the names. Halo is gonna bring up stuff about, well, halos, and Half Life is gonna bring up sites on chemistry and radioactive substances, so it evens out, essentially. Here are some other interesting queries I did.

Half Life (as a note, this did also include the hyphenated form of the name, so those weren't omitted): 2.76 (see comments)

Zelda: 1.33 (using "Zelda" game OR link OR miyamoto OR Nintendo OR gamecube)

Metroid: .486 (using "Metroid" prime OR samus OR Nintendo OR gamecube OR game)

Diablo: 1.21 (using "Diablo" game OR Blizzard OR PC)

Gran Turismo: 1.15 (using "Gran Turismo" game OR ps2 OR playstation OR racing OR cars)

Myst: .562 (using "Myst" game OR PC OR xbox OR ubisoft)

Metal Gear Solid: .986(using "Metal Gear Solid" game OR ps2 OR playstation OR snake)

Resident Evil: 1.47 (using "resident evil" game OR playstation OR ps2 OR PC OR gamecube OR gc)

Unreal Tournament: 1.27 (using "Unreal Tournament" game OR PC OR FPS)

Let me know if I left any big franchises out, I think I got most of em. I didn't try Doom because of the horrid innacuracy it will bring up, there's too much other stuff you can pull out of that. Just on the first page of results there were two unrelated links.

EDIT: I've changed all the searches with said queries, I think it really represents everything MUCH more accurately.
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