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I just got back from "bible study" with Daniel and Benjamin, which ended up pretty boring, but may supposedely get better next time. I might go again, we'll see. We didn't really do anything (nobody had anything prepared). :-/ I spent most of the time daydreaming while they argued over random stuff and asked dumb questions.

Today actually didn't go really great, it didn't quite hit me till now. I failed (actually failed, -65% failed) two quizzes, one for chem and one for math. My grades came in, and for the first time in my life, I am not on the Honor roll. I had a 3.06. That's the lowest GPA I've ever gotten. Definately not a high point in my academic history. I can't even remember how to spell correctly, though that's mostly due to sleep deprevation. Gah. My dad hauled our kitchen screen door into my room so he could fix it, but hasn't finished the job yet. For now, it's sitting there, waiting for me open a portal to the netherworld, where moose and cows roam freely.

Monday was far better, as it was spent with Gwen and Amy after school. We walked to Gwen's piano lesson, while Amy and I sort of did homework. She has this thing about not being able to study while I'm around, I can't figure it out. It's a strange occurance, to be sure (insert generic "*grin*" statement). My legs were actually really hurting that day from doing some 150 squats on Saturday night, and they're still a bit tender. I also had Scouts that night, which was equally lacking in interestingness.

The other important thing on the list that really hasn't been helping things is Jonothan's current plight. He got back from his 7-week retraining (boot camp all over again), to find that his car had been stolen, and then Rachel walks out on him. In case you didn't know, they were engaged, and recently started seriously discussing details. This really makes me sad, not just for Jonothan, but that Rachel would do this. I liked Rachel, she was a nice. Definately not cool of her to just drop that kind of bomb after leading him on like that. Maybe I don't know the whole story, but either way, Jonothan's not doing great. It makes me look forward to this winter break trip to Colorado even more.
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