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Dude, That Was EXTREME!! (O.o)
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I am muddy, hungry, and have not started my homework. Church was normal - Greg had a good lesson, as usual. Oh, and Paul? I have some answers for you *grin*. (oh dear...using emotes in blog posts...I'm becoming like Daniel!!) It was on the internal reliability of the Bible (consistency, themes). Pretty cool stuff, especially as he's doing external next week. I might even take notes.

After Church Benjamin, Jesse, and Nolan came over, and we had pizza while watching Olde English videos. Jesse and Nolan were being bums most of the time, playing on the Xbox, so Benjamin and I started making up some EXTREME!! sports involving EXTREME!! trash cans, EXTREME!! poles, and EXTREME(ly deflated)!! soccer balls. We were playing EXTREME!! ping pong for a while, but that got boring so we moved on to playing it with bats and wiffle-balls on the EXTREME!! picnic table. It didn't really work, because the picnic table wasn't wide enough, so we degraded to smashing a deflated soccer ball back and forth. This transformed into a strange form of EXTREME!! minigolf-croquet, and then onto EXTREME!! bowling, which didn't work, because we couldn't knock down the trash cans using just an EXTREME!! shovel and a soccer ball.

We eventually got Jesse and Nolan outside (the time it took almost put me to sleep). We were hitting balls back and forth, and eventually found an EXTREME!! bouncy ball in the brush, and I SO pwned Nolan with a headshot from 20 feet with that thing (sorry about that!). They left maybe an hour or two ago.

Last night was Ben's LAN party, which I attended for 4 hours. Since I was only there for 4 hours, I didn't get to play a lot of anything, but, among what I did get to play was Halo 2, Chaos Theory (man, it sucks, you can't do 2v2 with 2 xbox's), and...that was it. Other people were playing Worms, Gauntlet Legends, and Burnout 3, though. Church conflicted with staying overnight and not sleeping.

As for me, I dismantled that computer that was to be my server (alas, not enough RAM), and took out everything that was of use. Hopefully, the hand-me-down computer I'll be recieving from my dad will suffice. Hopefully.

And now, a shower.


Benjamin has a much more EXTREME!! write-up of our activities on his blog.


Apparantly, extremophile is a word.


You can't get more EXTREME!! than THIS.
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