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It's Not Supposed To Do That (O.o)
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When I got home, mom showed me a "self-rising, self-crispening and browning" microwaveable pizza. I opened it up and it had 3 parts to it: a tray, a lid, and the pizza. You stuck the pizza on the tray, which did something, and put this little ring-lid around the edge of the pizza, seemingly to make the crust work. 5 minutes, and voila, I had a pizza that I didn't work at all for. Laziness has reached another peak, and it is good.


Today was the laughable event of the Day of Silence, a day in which those who "support gays and lesbians" don't talk. I don't laugh because it has specifically to do with gays and lesbians, I laugh because it's just retarded. No, really. Case in point: people are trying to make a 'statement', by doing something as passive as not talking. Doesn't matter what you're trying to make the statement for, it's stupid. All this does, and I support this as a fact, is say that you're trying to make a statement, and even that might be a stretch. Most people don't notice.

Another aspect of this is that no other "group" has a day in which people state they support said "group". Don't try and tell me gays and lesbians are being persecuted - so have Jews, so have Christians, and to a far worse extent. This is life, deal with it, without making akward 'statements', that accomplish nothing in the first place.

EDIT: i must admit, upon reviewal of the evidence, the method works. but, this does not end the discussion on homosexuality. post on!


I've gotten into the habit of leaving my computer on while I'm at school, so I can listen to the music on the server during Programming (and occasionally PoE). I tested it out for the first time today, didn't work well because the PoE computers don't have speakers, so I may bring one (singular) in for that purpose. We'll see.

As for Chaos Theory, I've gotten four of the levels beaten on 100% so far, about to start the fifth momentarily. I'm hoping for some kind of special reward here, but, I doubt it. I haven't heard any mention of it before, so, chances are slim. One can hope.


School was generically okay, nothing special to mention. Today did mark that I officially have 2 days of school left before Spring Break. I haven't needed a break this much for a while, although I could probably operate a few weeks more on my current level of motivation. The only other thing of note in school is that we took a survey today, mostly on drugs/alcohol, with a short bit on sex. Supposedely, the results go to a national average. I was kind of surprised, that the school would do something as pro-active as this, as in, getting some answers from the 1500-2000 students. The survey itself wasn't very interesting - the first 50 pages of questions (the amount per page varied, they were grouped by type of answer) were ALL on drugs and alcohol, and there were app. 70 pages. It was kind of interesting as a whole though, considering I know a handful of people who are heavy on the drinking, and know of dozens of people who, uh, seem to be stuck on the weed, as it were. We also have a group of people (hicks) that stand outside on the corner of IHS, smoking cigarettes. How stuff like this happens, and continues to happen, I don't know.

On to Hokkaido!
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