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That's a Negatory (O.o)
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EDIT: Is it LEGAL to be that stupid?

I thoroughly enjoyed today, despite being tired from watching Top Gun last night. I don't really know why I watched it, but it is quite possibly the most classic American movie of all time. It has it all - 80's rock-pop soundtrack, a corny romance, unrealistic action sequences, and techno-babble.

My man-points are depleted, due to my foolishness in programming. We're doing wrapper classes, so one of the methods we're supposed to write adds an integer in the correct place in a pre-sorted sequence of Integers (not ints, mind you). I came up with a way to do it without an if/else, making the code like half as long as everybody elses, but I didn't bother testing it, and in my confidence I failed in my presentation to the class, forgetting to cast the int to an Integer. The shame. The algorithm had problems anyways, which I'm working on fixing right now.

You may have noticed my "Part x of 339" series - From now, until about this time next year, I'll be posting a complete and thorough rebuttal to each "contradiction" claimed by SAB. One a day. Read them, or don't read them, just know that I did it.

I ran 2.5 miles in PE today (i actually only ran like 1.75 of it, but, whatev), and then walked home with Zach after that, making for about 5 miles total today. These jerks in PE keep throwing whatever they can at me while I run. At first it was a tennis ball (I picked it up and threw it over the fence), then it was a sandal (I threw it in the bleachers), and then it was a cell phone. It broke after hitting the ground. That was most hilarious. Anyways, I went to Zach's house, and he showed me his PSP, which I must admit was quite cool. The screen is friggin huge, the games he showed me had surprisingly good graphics for something so small, and it was generally very nifty. I'm a little biased against the DS, being Nintendo, but the DS is definitely inferior. I'm not much into mobile gaming, but they're cool nonetheless.
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