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Another Quickie...(O.o)
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Happy, Gwen?

New case is wonderful - far quieter and sexier than before. I've set my next goal on what to buy - 150 dollars is the required amount this time. CD-RW, DVD/CD-ROM, Arctic Silver, HSF, PSU. Should have that before the end of the month - this is aesthetically the biggest upgrade - the drives will be black, the computer will run slightly faster and cooler, all that jazz, which will be rather nice.


I had the interview with Sho's dad on Friday, which went rather well - I didn't actually know it was an interview until Sho scolded my Army shirt near the end of school. It went well either way - it's exactly what I'd hoped for. That, plus the 7 bucks an hour makes for a very good job.


When I got home I promptly ripped apart my computer as Karel watched in laughing horror as I recklessly constructed the beast. My mistake in the building process was in not putting the seperators (my mind blanked on the actual term...) between the mobo and the case. Thankfully my 'Power Supply' brand PSU was smart enough to stop before frying me and my hardware. I didn't know this at the time, and the squealing noise emitting from the PSU scared me witless. After spending the entire night laboring over the mess, I gave up assuming the power surge that day had shorted the PSU, which fried the motherboard and processor.

The next day I was severely distressed - I'd gone a full 18 hours without a computer, and I was beginning to crack. I retreated to my dad's computer, when available, to sort out which parts to order, which added to 600 dollars. I obviously don't have 600 dollars on me - I was set on loaning it from either Karel or Christopher. Dad was DEAD set against me borrowing from Karel, and spent all of Sunday arguing with him over the phone and bargaining with Christopher to get him to loan me the money. The other choice was to wait 12 days (actually more than that - about 20) for my Dad to get home to order them for me. Truly, a stressful situation.


In between all this, Paul, Ben, and Zach spent the night Saturday, after randomly appearing as I was going out to mow lawns (at the time Kerry and Julia were there too). Thoroughly mocking my biking gloves, they felt absolutely no mercy for my ego. I didn't go to church the following morning even though I was ready by 9:15 - Mom didn't get back from dropping Dad at the airport until almost 10:00, and Paul was still around, so I decided to stay home.

Today, I got myself a grand olde haircut (which I rather like, as per usual). I think I like this one enough to replace my :-O picture. Ye shall see.

I also watched Gladiator two or three times over the weekend. Possibly my favorite movie.
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