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Personifying Mr. Dandelion (O.o)
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EDIT: Ah, yes...

As much as I would like to write, this is going to be fairly short. I haven't gotten to do much of anything beyond do 4 hours of mowing. Admittedly, I did make 45 bucks doing it, but if I'm walking 3 mph (which is about what I was walking at), that's 12 miles of walking, with a mower. Running in gym will be a blast, although, I suspect having new (or, were new, until today) shoes will improve running greatly. In case I hadn't complained about it to you before, my heel had worn through the sole and padding, down the the rubber frame on the bottom. The shoe itself was actually detaching completely from the bottom frame. That was one crappy shoe.

I've got my English portfolio due Friday, which I have not yet started. I'm willing to bet I can do everything in one day. As in, get home from school, work until it's done, go to school the next day. I'm up for the challenge, anyways. My dad and I dropped by the DMV today, but there were some pretty long lines, so we chickened out. I'm hoping there'll be time before the end of the week to get that permit, as time's a-wasting. He seemed rather eager to "get 'er done", as it were.

Busy, busy days.
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