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the lost and the lonely
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My peers are hopelessly divided between the pretty and the ugly.

Nobody would ever put it like that - such terms are uncouth to our ears. Yet our words cannot hide our actions. I go to one group, and clustered together are meticulously prepared mirages of persons, yearning to be judged and found acceptable by the discerning. I go to another, and the art of presentation has been lost, drowned by society's unspoken demands, embracing a hopelessness that provides solace against the onslaught of judgment.

The beauty around me is corrupted, marching its way into meaningless oblivion as it hungrily pursues itself, its incest creating a fog of self-absorption. I wander the halls looking for beauty, but I do not find it. Each woman is the same as the next, offering fake smiles to match their fake hair. At least they are consistent. The men speak in voices deeper than puberty granted them, wearing attitudes of pre-packaged rebellion like fine jewelry.

There is a solution, but I know not what it is.
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Blogger Sam Luddy said...
...kill everyone?
Blogger MC Froehlich said...

in retrospect, this post reeks of some insane batman criminal that wants to exterminate everybody because of some platitude about beauty.

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