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Much better. I got some sleep, ate some food, so my brain is back up and running. The only thing I remember about yesterday is that when I woke up, I looked at the clock, and it said 6:45. Thinking that I was living in California, but hadn't changed the time, I thought "Oh. I have another 12 hours of sleep ahead of me." And that's it.

As for today, it was ok. We were dancing in the snow during lunch, but Boon kicked us out of the Quad. It was awfully amusing. I'm screwing up in a LOT of classes, and fearing the upcoming progress report. ::sigh:: I'll get my grades before the Break, but here's what I'm expecting I'll get...

Bio - B+ or A- ::sigh::
Math - B- or B
PE - A or B, whatever...
German2 - C+ or B-
Global History - B or B+

Basically, CRAP. I fear terribly. I'm hoping I can do some miracle work, but, I doubt it.

Random conversation that I thought was hilarious:

Me: Dude. That's COOL like the other side of the pillow.
Alex: OMG! I used to flip my pillow over all the time!!!
Me: Same here, but I guess I'm not such a hot head anymore.

I am SO the master of puns. Another random thing I said...

Me: You're as hot as my AMD Athlon XP 1800 on a summers night.
Alex: Is that hot?
Me: That's about 48 degrees Celsius. Or 140 degrees Farenheit.
Alex: SWEET!

This is all joking, you know.

Fun day. I spent some of it setting up a DVD rack for my mom and dad. They finally decided to get a rack for their huge collection. Nothing happened, though. Good day.
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