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Gah. Today kinda sucked. Bah to preppies, they really annoy me. I wish they would just go away. They didn't really help my day at all. I'm running on a wonderful 16 hour sleep deficit! That means it's like I've been up for 72 hours straight! Wow. I can't take a nap, either. Stupid relatives. I wish they wouldn't come. I get kicked out of my room, and stuck with people I hardly know. I really have no desire to meet MORE relatives. But Jonathan will be here, though Rachel won't. :( Oh well.

Yesterday roxxored my soxxors. I was talking with Ben, and Alex. We made up a STORY!!! The general outline of the story:

Ben walked down the street, sat on a hook, Alex the horse came through a wormhole in time, I sang about hating kittens, Ben started molesting kittens, we ate kittens for Thanksgiving dinner, Alex died, Ben killed dead babies.

Need a recap? Too bad. I forgot to log the conversation. Dumb me.

We also talked about vietnam, pregnancy, STDs, drugs, flower girls, all at the same time. It was absolutely hilarious. And, no, Ben, Jesus would NOT be cool as a turkey.

I love my friends! Whoo!

Yes, Alex. "..."
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