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Ugh. Just, ugh. Crap, is basically the word of the week. So much homework. So much stuff. So much thinking. I'll start at the beginning.

So, let's start with Christopher getting home. He comes home, invades my computer, puts all his 20 gigs of crap on it, and doesn't ask me. After putting up with it for 3 days, I ditch it all and put a password on the computer. We're good now, but that kinda started the snowball that's now about to kill me. A week later, I'm on the eve of Jonathan leaving for good, to North Carolina. I'll miss him. he's experienced a lot for me, so I don't have to do it. The real problem started on Monday. I checked my homework to see what I had. I realized some math wroksheets were missing. I can't afford to crap up math anymore, so I asked to stay home from school so I could get the assignment from someone. So I did. I get back to school, and A: the seats in Math have changed. crap. B: My Global essay is due today...I haven't started it. C: I have three tests: DDP, Global, and Math. D: Sam and Lauren go nutty on me...I have no control on the situation because of my overload.

So much crap. Everywhere, crap. I had a 5 page report to write that night, and I wrote 15 pages worth of Global essay. In one night. It took me all about 8 or 9 hours to do, from 5 to 12. Bad enough right there. But I had to miss dinner and a movie with Joanthan, Christopher, and my [whatever] dad. Oh yeah. I forgot. My dad 'kicked' me off the computer for a week because of my insolence. Whatever. I hold no grudges, but it's just another thing to add to the pile. Now, tonight, I had a 1 page Global essay to write, a 1 page German story to write, 50 Regents flash cards to write, and the normal math. I've done all that, but I have to finish the other half of the Global Project. What crap. I've been working for about 5 hours straight now, so I'm becoming a work zombie. Lord knows what I would do if it weren't Friday tomorrow. Poor Tim, poor Tim. I've had no time for blogging in all this mess. I know I'm not being orderly and organized as usual, but when you're running a 12 hour sleep deprivation on Finals week at your feet, you really screw the pleasures and do what you need to do. Apologize for my fatalism, it should fase by Sunday, perhaps by Monday. Let's hope my world doesn't fall to pieces too soon.

I promise to get back to updating once February has come, but nothing is promised before then.
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