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I'm posting from skool, at the moment. I use my study halls to go to the Math Lab, which has some 20 G3's in here. [For those of you who don't know, G3's are mid-range macintosh computers] Anyways, I've been pretty bad about posting. Time hasn't been very kind to me as of late.

Wednesday was the same old deal, nothing of great importance, though it does mark that it's less than one week till RotK! ^^ I can't wait. I downloaded a lot of Halo movies that I lost a while back in my format. It's been very amusing to watch them. ::sigh:: If only I had the skill to mod an xbox. Oh well! Maybe if I ever decided to bring up the money for the chip, I could. But for now, I just remain a Halo phreek.

Today is Thursday, which is thoroughly dissapointing, becase I could have sworn yesterday was Thursday. Which means today would have been Friday....except its not. So I have to endure today and tomorrow of skool. That will be.......difficult.

Random note: I despise one button mouses. Every mac in this skool has a one button mouse, and it's awful. Death to them all! These mouses are optical, but, that's not very special anymore.
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