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It's been a while since my last post, but, things have been rather busy. Sort of. Anyways.

I went out and bought Medievel: Total War, Medievel: Total War: Viking Expansion, and Deus Ex: Invisible War [Note the theme]. I haven't installed the expansion yet, since I haven't beat the original yet, but, it should be fun. Deus Ex is still cool, haven't really gone through it yet. I restarted my character in Morrowind to be not so crappy, and I discovered that the game loads and runs slower as you progress. There's not some awful gap between brand new and really old games, but te loading times are much smoother with the new. [Yes, I'm having a game-ranting moment.] Morrowind is fun, though. Lots of fun!

January 12th comes closer every day. And while it IS Jonathan's birthday on the 12th, that's not the occasion. \/\/0127!

Swimming has begun at PE. It's not so bad, but, we have to get to the gym, change, swim for 25 minutes, then change again. It's a really long process for something that lasts just a few minutes. Thankfully, I get to do it for a week less than everyone else.

Not much else has happened over the past few days. Oh, 5 week report:

Math C
German B
Biology A-
Global Studies A+

That's on the high honor roll, I believe, despite the C. I can easily fix that, because he counted absentee homeworks I haven't been able to make up. German was a miracle, though. How did I pass that, I do not know. Anyways, catching up on my web comics calls.
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