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I've had a really good weekend. Friday was nifty, spent it playng games and talking to people, ordered out for pizza and wings, lots of fun. Saturday's SAT II wasn't nearly as bad as I had expected. It was pretty easy, but the diagram of the heart and of the grasshopper almost screwed e over. Other than those, I only omitted 3 questions, I think I probably got 11 wrong, which gives me a 750. For those who don't know how SAT scoring works...every question you get correct is +1 point. Every question you get wrong, you get -.25 points. Every question you omit does nothing. That's your raw score. They use some table of conversions to get a number between 200 and 800, 800 being highest. To get an 800, you could get a 77 raw score minimum, etc. To be above 700, you can get a raw of 68. Pretty easy.

I'm probably gonna take Thief back...I just haven't been interested in it enough. I dunno what I'll get in return, maybe Gladius, I dunno. A new controller would be good, considering I have two not-so-great controllers. Meh.

Sunday was nice, too. I went to church (with donuts as my breakfast) and there was a pretty weird kid in our Sunday school class...from Tennessee. Pocketwatch, shirt and tie, apparantly his family is buying a vinyard and already have a piece of property up here. Kinda weird. After church I went home for an hour and took care of the dogs. Went to Miller's house where we played Halo and watched a bunch of animations and stuff. Went home for an hour, took care of the dogs and had a fn time at Sam's house. We watched The Pianist. That was a hard movie to watch. Bah. The'yre kicking us out.
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