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Excessive posting day.

Stolen from Sam!

What is your full name:: Timothy James FROEHLICH
How old are you::15
When were you born:: 31/3/89
Where were you born:: Jackson, Mississippi
What color eyes do you have:: Outer ring of green, fading to blue, fading to tan.
Color of your hair?: Blond, a tint of brown.
How tall are you:: 5’ 7” possibly 8"
Weight:: 124-131 (it varies about that much...I'm serious!)
<>Size Shoe:: 10 1/2
Size pants:: I really have no clue. none of my pants fit me at all, I would GUESS like 26, maybe 24 waist, maybe 28-30 length?
What school do you go to:: Ithaca High
What grade:: 10th
What city do you live in:: Ithaca
State?:: NY
Do you have any siblings?: Two brothers.
If so how many:: ....Two.
Boy/Girl?: .....aren't we reptitive? brothers.
Roughly count how many cousins you have:: 6 first cousins, I've never met any beyond that.
Where is the farthest you've ever traveled:: Hawaii.
Where is the farthest relative you have:: Brother, Germany.
Which of your friends lives the farthest and where:: Brandon, Mississippi.
Describe yourself in one word:: g33k.


Color:: Red, Black, Blue
season:: Winter
drink:: Coke.
class:: Global/English Block <----you said it. (sam wrote that one)
sport:: Rugby, Ultimate Frisbee
movie:: Unbreakable, maybe?
food:: Lasagna.
state:: NY, i guess. that's where all my friends are.
place:: my room/cave/prison
thing in your room:: computer. relative:: mah bruthas. animal:: armadillo, penguin, badger. time of the day:: between midnight at 2:00 AM
thing to do:: gamezzzz
song:: oooh...hmmm...uhh....i'll get back to you on that one.

~~~About your friends!~~~

Who would you say you're closest to:: Daniel, Sam, Gwen, i dunno, I'm pretty close with all my friends.

<>Knew the longest:: Brandon. We've known eachother since...1st grade I think.
Smartest:: to avoid insulting anyone I refuse to answer this question.
funniest:: Ben + Zach = never ending funny.
most friendly:: probably Colette
most outgoing:: Sho
happiest:: far.
saddest:: ....what the crap kind of question is that? who's sad all the time? ?!?
most unsmart:: ....whoever wrote this survey is definately more "unsmart" than any of my friends.
newest friend:: Paul, I think...maybe Kat.
weirdest:: Lauren, probably.
one you can't stand:: ahhhh it's the attack of retarded questions!!!!111oneoneseven
most creative:: Ben, definately Ben
GIRL friend you like the most:: Sho, Colette, Gwen....they're all so loveable.
funnest:: i dunno...i haven't really checked my FUN-O-METER lately.
most trustworthy:: they're all pretty trustworthy...I don't really keep friends I can't trust.
can't keep secrets well:: see above.
most talkative:: i dunno, all my female friends are pretty darn talkative...
one you talk to the most:: Daniel
one you hang out with the most:: Daniel


What is your favorite pair of socks:: the white and grey ankle thingies...
whats your favorite snack:: cheese puffs. mmmm. *drool*
Favorite channel:: i dunno, probably cartoon network.
how many pairs of jeans do you have:: i have like 3, but two are too small and I never wear them anyways.
how many shoes... everyone loves shoes!:: Shoes? 2. Sandals? like 3 million. my mom gets like four pairs for me every year out of some sale bin.
which one do you like the most: ....i prefer the the polka-dotted ones with strawberries and donuts.
favorite brand of water: i prefer that good old NATURAL water.
which ice cream flavor do you think is the best:: moose tracks or cookies n' cream.
what about the brand:: Edy's
where do you like to eat the best:: CHILE'S!!!
longest you've ever stayed awake: probably 50 some-odd hours.
which friend comes and sleeps over most often: Daniel, Sam, people don't come to my house very often, so...
who's house do you go to the most (friend wise that is):Daniel, i used to go to sam's all the time but not for the past few months
favorite thing to do in the summer: be geeky and hang wit budz
favorite thing to do in winter: be geeky and hang wit budz.
do you like flowers: poooootaaaaatoooooo.
what's your favorite clothing brand: ......
shoe brand: .........

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