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Camp was awesome. Just plain awesome. Emotionally... it may be the hardest thing I've ever done, waving my friends goodbye for another year. But it was just so awesome. The title ">.<" is more because my feeling of pain is overpowering the joy from having been at camp.

For those of you who aren't clued in, I went to Word of Life from Friday to today. WoL is a Christian camp in the Adirondacs, by Schroon Lake. The camp is an island - about 1 mile in circumference. We left Friday and drove 5 hours and stayed at a 100% RV campground which we thought was a real campground - it was packed with RVs and trailers. We spent the night there and left for WoL after getting some breakfast (it was only like 15 minutes away from the campground). We got ourselves registered and took the ferry to the island. I was in the same cabin as Daniel (we weren't lucky enough to get a cabin with the Ohio guys) per request and we had two really cool counselors. The Counselors are students at the WoL Bible Institute. As a part of their work they stay as counselors for 9 weeks. Our main counselor, Adam, was a second-year student. He really has gotta be one of the coolest guys I've ever met. He was really funny, and helped me figure out a lot of stuff that I just didn't understand about my life. Our other counselor, Anthony, was also really funny. He was always smiling and was shamefully easy to mock. His mind was something like that of a fish. "Man I had the worst was ok....(5 minutes later) was great!" Both guys were really cool. Adam and I had these really painful yet amusing fights....the whole point was for me to slap him...we seriously jumped around in the food court (the Snack Shack) for an hour before I finally was able to slap him twice. He was slapping me really hard though! Anyways...*cough*

For me, this week was purely a learning experience. In talking with Adam I realized I was so clueless when it came to my perspective on God's plan, will, and desire. I've been too confident in myself - I thought I had it all figured out. Until I had talked with Adam, I really was almost suicidal. I was really hating on wasn't cool. I'm all good's kinda weird to explain why..but...I sorta felt like I had nothing unique to me. A bunch of little stuff I kept messing up with (like tripping...I do take pride in being very well balanced) added up and just drove me nuts. It sounds stupid...but I don't feel like explaining it all.

The main reason I go to WoL is to see my friends from Ohio. There's a lot of them now - Maria, Jessica, Patrick, Elizabeth, Amanda, Zach, Josh...and I think that's most of the group I had met already. I met a bunch of people this year that they brought along - Camdon, Jeremy, Danielle, and...oh I can't remember her name....she was 13, but by some heavenly power she looked 21. Moving on. I also met a handful of other people...there was another Amanda, who live some 5 hours away from us...and thenthere were two 13-14 year old girls, Liz and Jackie, who were completely obsessed with the possibility of my being French. Of which there is none. They live within two hours from me, at least, they never said gave any landmarks as to where they lived....I have their address though. I have a lot of addresses actually. Which makes me happy. Anyways, there were a bunch of people in my cabin worth getting to know....CJ, Brian and Brian...I also got to meet Emma's two cousins, Jodi and Luke. Jodi was really nice, as was Luke. Luke followed me around a little more than I would have preferred, but that's okay. It only really bothered me when I was trying to talk with Elizabeth. But that's another story for another day. Which, I can assure you, won't come. awesome week. I barely managed to keep from crying this morning (at 8:00) as we waved goodbye to them. This whole thing has reminded me to get back into emailing with them again, which I've failed to do all year. I don't wanna rant too much more, I'm off to write some emails.
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