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Oy. So camp was an experience, which I will explain in full detail in just a moment. Overall good, some bad stuff, it's all good in the end. So I got accepted into the Cornell Labs, which has me psyched. I was supposed to start LAST TUESDAY but because of camp, I couldn't go. The excessive stress involving the LAN party was also caused by camp, as was also pulled me away from home (my computer) for a long time too.

Camp was ok - not great. The tents were really patchy, a LOT of bugs (I counted at least 2 dozen mosquito bites, I usually removed half a dozen daddy-longlegs and 3 or 4 larger-than-normal spiders every night). The food was ok, I only went hungry a few times. I didn't get a tan, despite being outside the majority of the time. It rained three out of 7 days, all cloudy for at least one other. Constantly having to worry about the infamous bear and pepperoni-stealing raccoon got annoying too. But the merit badges were okay, though I didn't get to take the ones I wanted. I failed the standard 4-lap swimming test the first day, so I couldn't get to take small boat sailing or motorboating. In my defense, the lake was < 65 degrees and very wavy. I can do that in a swimming pool easy, but the lake is way harder. Anyways....I got 4 and 1/2 badges, that pleases me.

I started playing FFVIII - it's better than I had heard. Not awesome or as good as VII, but still worth playing. THat's about it....tomorrow will be a busy day.
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