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It's that time of year again, kids. Yes, school has wrapped up and it's time for Tim to reflect on everything that's happened. Just because. I'm gonna reflect on all my new friends, my techers, all the courses I took, everything, so this should be long.

My favorite class was either DDP or Biology. Both had awesome teachers and I learned a LOT. Least favorite has to be German. Never met a woman so evil and retarded.

1st Period: Study Hall and Biology Labs. Study Hall held nothing all. Just a time to do stuff. Biology, like I said, rocked. Ms. Benenati was the nicest teacher and really knew how to handle the class. Besides that, we had the biggest group of slackers who always had something funny to say. Really a great class to start the day with.

3rd Period: Math. I feel sorry for poor Mr. Kuckes....we had a class full of hicks and druggies, who really just gave him hell. He's an ok teacher, but he just doesn't command respect. It had it's ups and downs. Honors math was great, with Mr. Bock (now retired). He really knows how to teach math.

4th Period: Lunch/PE. Not even gonne bother with lunch - it's lunch, nothing more to say. PE had it's moments, with Zach and Ben (Feldman), me absolutely sucking at softball and tennis, drinking mountain dew as the ball flies past me...very amusing, sometimes boring.

5th Period: German. Ugh. You know how I feel. Latin all the way for next year.

6th period: DDP (Design and Drawing for Production). GREAT class. Mr. Briegle did an outstanding job despite the fact that it's his first year teaching. He know how to command respect, and he gets the students to really want his respect and approval. It helped me look at how to solve problems in a much more systematical way, which is good for me. The only real friend I had in there was Ben (Myers) but everyone gets along in there so it was really nice.

7th/8th Period: First Semester: Global. ABSOLUTELY ROCKED MY SOCKS. It wasn't Ms. Shenks fault, either. The class itself would really suck if it weren't for the awesome combination of people we had. Everyone in there was completely different but we had some of the funniest times in there. I feel sorry for Ms. Shenk, she's a fine teacher, but really just can't control a group like that - few people could. Second Semester: English. It sucked for the first marking period...absolutely boring. Once Mrs. Metzler lightened up, though, it was great. As she got to know us we really had some good laughs in there (Othello, anyone?). She was an okay teacher, a little bit impersonal and too mature for our class, but not bad. She'll prolly be my teacher next year too.

Overall, a good year academically. Definately could have done better, but I plan on doing just that next year.

Hoo boy....I made a TON of new friends this year, I never would have believed it was possible beforehand. May God prevent me from forgetting anyone new that I met! Ladies first, of course.

Gwen : We met in Math (our only calss together), and we've had some of the funniest times! She rocks. ;-)

Shoshana: I met her via Sam, and my first impression of her was at a party, where she spent most of the time in someone's LAP. A great start, would you not say? She's very pokeable. *cough*

Mollie: She's short, she's got fuzzy hair, and we had some good laughs before she got sick. Get better!

Colette: I met her via Sam too. We didn't have any classes together, and we never got to see eachother outside of school, but that doesn't really matter. She's been a good friend and always has a smile ready.

Katie (Fives): She was in my homeroom, and, I just kinda met her. Sort of through Shoshana, but it doesn't really matter. She's very....different! :-D

Caitlyn: She's in my homeroom and German, and we spent much time complaining to eachother about how much we hate Mary and German and things in general. Hahaha...

Myriah: She was in my Biology class, and I haven't really gotten to talk to her much outside of that, but she's still very nice and was the only person who called me by my real name in Biology class.

Amy (Somogy): I met her through Gwen, and we really only get to talk when she's with Gwen, but that's okay. She's very nice to me! (unlike GWEN, *cough*)

Eileen: Another friend through Gwen. She lives in Liverpool, and I've never gotten to meet her, but some day....somewhere....we will!

Alycia: Oh dear goodness, bring out the us the day this girl leaves high school. O.O

Courtney: I sorta met her through Ryan...complicated story. Stupid skirt. *mutter*

*attempting to rush, about to leave* Now for those of the male-persuasion. This might take a LONG time. Might as well start with those I met first.

Ben (Myers): First met him at a party of his, he's been a faithful friend the entire year. He's always around to remind me that I'm stupid. Indispensible.

Zach: I have no clue when I met him, probably at one of the parties, I dunno. But he's always up late at night to chat with and is just plain cool.

Jared: I met him partly through Sam, probably at a party of Ben's. We had some great times in Global and English, changing the homework...and stuff.

Paul: I really don't know how I came about to meet him...I think it was in my homeroom. Who knows. Anyways! He's usually there to tell me how much my typing poor my use of the English language get the idea. Very cool.

Bah, I ran out of time, I'll continue this later.

EDIT: (Wednesday) Whoops. Blogger, once again, was being retarded, and didn't tell me it posted twice, or that it actually posted this in the first place. My apologies. Moving on...

Weilin: I had sort of met him before, but I hadn't really gotten to know him at all till this year.

Ben (Feldman): He was in my gym class, and he joined with Zach in the mockery of my physical abilities.

Dan: He's a friend of Jared's that I really didn't get to talk to till a party at Jared's house. Nifty guy.

I was really in the mood to do this on Sunday, but now I'm just completely blanking. Darnit. Oh well...lemme know if I forgot you. It really wasn't intentional! Just remember that these are people I met this year, so...hehe. Anwyays. Staying at Daniel's house has been fun. Ben's computer hasn't been working (supposedly it's running at 90 degrees Celsius, or 190 degrees farenheit - almost hot enough to biol water) so we haven't been doing much LAN stuff. We played some Counterstrike...Daniel and I played Sven Co-op, other random games. We've watched a few movies, The Bourne Identity, (really cool) The Hire, (a collection of 10-15 minute action films made by 10 different directors, hired by BMW - very cool) and there was something else. I can't remember. Oh well. Both my exams, I think, went well. None of the stuff I didn't understand was on the Math final, which greatly relieved me. The German might be a problem, but I seriously doubt I got below a B. I have the Biology on Friday, and another German (mary = retarded) on Monday. Those should be even easier. Especially the German, considering it's supposed to be for Level 1 students. See, I took the final exam for Level 1 in September, so I could get into German 2. (I now wish I had taken Latin) Apparantly "that doesn't count" because Frau O'Dell "doesn't understand how New York's schools work" despite the fact that Frau O'Dell (who, by the way, is my old German Teacher) has lived here for a few years. ANYWAYS! Having done the tests, we're hoping to get some Airsoft played this evening with the three of us (ben, daniel, me) and Ben Anible. We aren't sure where to play, but, we'll figure it out some how. Supposedly there's a park by Buttermilk falls we can play at which nobody goes to. We can hope!

A few weeks ago I took some more pictures of my room. Here they are. :-) I won't post all of them, just those that might interest...okay, I doubt any of you are actually interested, but that doesn't really matter. *sniff* I'll just give you a link to them, you can scan through if you like.

Pictures!!! YAY!!!
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