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This blog is around nine years old, which is over a third of Tim's current age. Back in 2003, it was called "Of Tim: Tim's life - or lack thereof", and it was as bad as you might expect the blog of a freshman in high school to be. Tim hopes that his writing is a little better, these days.

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The blog got a little messed up when I added the comments...I dunno why, but I think I managed to patch it up. Anyways, I've been enjoy sleeping's very nifty. I keep getting the feeling I have another thing to go to soon...o I can't stay up late cause I'll have to wake up for's annoying! I felt like doing the question answer things....woo! This took me three hours to make. appreciate it. I stole it from sho, but changed a LOT of stuff.

-Date of birth: 3/31/89
-Height: 5'7 or 5'8 (i dunno, i'm somwhere between 5'5 and 5'9)
-Eye color: N/A (i have multi colored eyes)
-Location Born: Clinton, Mississippi
-Ever failed a grade?: Nope
-BF/GF: Nope.
-Wearing right now: Funky grey sweatpant-thingies...white shirt
-Quote to sum up love?: I'd quote I Corinthians 13, but I'm too lazy to go get my Bible. Hehe.
-Smoke: Nope.
-Drink: I've had wine is nasty.
-Favorite color(s): Red and Blue...maybe black too. Green's good too.
-Favorite animal: Penguins!
-Birthmarks: Only one...on my left pinky, a square dot, though it seems like it's fading...dunno.
-Shoe size: 11
-How are you feeling right now?: Good, upbeat.
-Siblings: Two older brothers.
-Boxers or briefs: Boxers.

-Do you drive?: Hopefully, a motorcycle.
-Is one of your bad qualities?: I'm really boring, and every now and then I get kinda jumpy.
-Is one of your good qualities?: I'd like to think I'm a faithful friend, that people can rely on...I dunno.
-Do you sleep in?: ....bed. I sleep in bed.
-Theme does your room have?: Yellow and blue.
-Do the shoes you last wore look like?: The only shoes I actually wear are grey, white, and black. They're shoes.
-Do you like most about your body?: Definately the color of my eyes....I only know one other person who has multi-colored eyes.
-Do you like least about your body?: .....everything else.
-Phrase do you use most when on the phone?: To be honest, I have no clue.
-Is your heritage?: ....good question.
-Is your lucky number?: 2!
-Does your hair look like right now?: umm..hairy?
-Was the last compliment you received?: ...."I am a blueberry muffin." is probably about as good as it gets.
-Do you want a tattoo of?: A ninja.
-Do you have a tattoo of?: A knight. I just answered this, I think.
-Are your favorite flowers?: Potatoes! :-D
-Does your ex bf/gf look like?: you never shut up about this? sheesh!
-Does your most recent crush/bf/gf look like?: ...are you kidding me? like I'd tell the public about this sort of thing....*mutter*
-Is your favorite drink?: ....probably coke.

***Have you...
-Ever had a crush on any of your teachers?: Uh, no...
-Ever gotten your ass kicked?: More than I can count, though mostly by Jonathan.
-Ever beaten someone up?: Nope.
-Ever been slapped?: Well Sho slapped me pretty hard on the back of the head once...that was for dissing stage screw...other than that, no.
-Ever lied to your best friends?: It's happened, but nothing important, for sure.
-Ever been out of state?: Yes.
-Ever been expelled from school?: Nope.
-Ever been suspended from school?: Nope.
-Ever been dumped?: I have to be in a relationship first.
-Ever gotten high?: Nope.
-Ever been chased by cops?: Nope.
-Ever been skinnydipping?: Nope.
-Ever had an eating disorder?: Sometimes I just completely forget to eat...and I never eat lunch, but beyond that, no.
-Ever run away?: No, but I wouldn't have anywhere to go, and my life is too dependant on a computer to leave for that long.
-Ever been fired from a job?: Never had a job...yet!
-Ever started a rumor?: Nope.

***Do You...
-Have crush on someone?: Sure, why not.
-Shower?: ...Daily.
-Hate school?: Most definately.
-Go by looks or personality?: I hate to admit it, but I do judge a little bit...fairly even though.
-Have a picture of yourself?: Two. I hate them both, I'm not photogenic at all.
-Love anyone right now?: I don't believe in teenage love.
-Hate school?: Most definately.
-Trust people?: Yeah, pretty much.
-Want to get out of your hometown?: Yeah...I love my friends but I hate the atmosphere.
-Look more like your mother or father?: Benjamin and Jesse like to say I look like my dad, but I really, really don't. I'd say I'm pretty seperate.
-Have a job?: Not yet!
-Daydream a lot?: ...Yes.
-Have a lot of exes?: ....we've been through this.
-Run your mouth?: Not really...sometimes I do.
-Get along with your parents?: I guess so.
-Have your own phone/phone line?: I have my own phone, but not phone line.
-Have your own pool?: Nope.
-Like taking pictures?: Taking pictures of stuff...yes. Of me....NO.
-Like getting your picture taken?: Not really...actually I can't stand it.
-Have a tan?: Barely, not really.
-Like Snapple?: I can't remember, it's been years since I've had one.
-Drink a lot of water?: ....I haven't had pure water for about two weeks.
-Like to dance?: I've never danced before.
-Like to travel?: Not really..I like staying in my room. Heehee.

-Would you marry for money?: Ew, no.
-Are you more of a mama or daddy's child?: I have no clue. I've gone over this same question for a LONG time, I have no idea.
-Blondes or brunettes?: Brunettes, I think.
-Are you the romantic type?: I'd like to think so, but I haven't really been given the chance to see.
-If you had to amputate one limb, what would it be?: Left leg, probably.
-Cry a lot?: I don't think I've cried for a good 5 months.
-How many rings until you answer the phone?: Three.
-Would you ever date someone younger than you?: Probably not.
-Would you ever date someone older than you?: Sure.
-Could you ever be a vegetarian?: Nope.
-If you had to completely dye your hair it'd be what color?: Probably red or orange.
-Like getting dirty?: just no. no. and no.
-Is your bellybutton an innie or outie?: Innie.
-Are you flexible?: Yeah, sort of. I can bend over backwards, at least.
-Are you a rude?: ...what is a "rude"? was that a typo?
-How do you vent your anger?: It depends...if it's in a game and I'm losing, I just complain a lot. If I'm angry AT someone, I might yell at them, I might hold it in, it really depends.
-Are you ghetto-fabulous?: ....I'm about as un-ghetto as they come.
-Are you a player?: ...see above.
-Who do you talk to most on the phone?: Daniel. He's actually the only person I talk to on the phone regularly.
-Online a lot?: If by, a lot, you mean, more than 12 hours a day....yes.
-Shy or outgoing?: Pretty shy with those I don't know...outgoing with those I do know though.
-Social life: Mostly consisting of time on IM...but not really.
-Any secrets?: Umm...I dunno.
-Would you ever sky dive?: Sure.
-Are you spoiled: Probably.
-Are you a brat?: I hope not.
-What toothpaste do you use?: Crest or Colgate.
-Cell phone or pager: Nope, though my parents suggested they might get me one if I get this biology lab job.
-Curfew: I don't actually know, I don't go out often enough to have a stable idea.
-Role model: Jonothan!
-Are you a role model?: I have no clue.
-Ever been to Six Flags?: Yup, Six Flags in Dallas. That was neat-o, though I was only 5 years old.

***The Last...
-Thing you ate: Pizza
-Thing you drank: Coke
-Thing you wore: Fabric
-Place you went:
-Thing you got pierced/tattooed: n/a
-Person you saw: Dad
-Person you kissed: ....i really hate you. a lot. you just don't stop.
-Person you talked to: Veda
-Song you heard: Gouryella by Wallhalla (techno)
-What time is it now? 2:09
-Time you were at a party?: No clue...whenever the last time Ben had one was...
-Time you threw up?: Summer before 8th grade, wasn't sick though, was just due to not eating enough.
-Time you were drunk?: ...uhhh, never have been....
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