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This is post # 200....woo! Everyone do a dance!

I take it back....please don't. Please. Don't. Especially Sho. Sho...don't dance.

<.< <----(for those who don't know, that's a shifty-eyed face.) >.>

I'm still sick, I don't feel much different than yesterday. I'm gonna go running soon, I'm gonna try and do a little more than a mile this time, since a little less was too short. It's a nice day out, too. *stops to cough a lot* I downloaded the new Bond CD, Classified. The first song was absolutely incredible, but the rest of the CD isn't too great. A lot of it are classically synthesized versions of popular songs and hymns...a few of them are ok, but I want stuff that's more original. One semi original song sounded really nice but was absolutely ruined by these screechy voices...argh. I was going to buy the CD, but I'm thinking about just deleting all the songs I don't like, which is ending up to be about half the CD. They did have a really nice version of a hymn I like...I can't remember the name though. Oh well. I managed to do the same workout last night as I did before, only 10 more push ups this time. I got even more motivated to do this stuff as I was talking to Zach (from Ohio). He and Patrick did 1000 crunches without stopping (they regretted it afterwards, but they did it nonetheless). I mean, I might be able to do 400, maybe 500....Zach does 600 every other night. Oh well. I suppose if I work hard enough I'll get there eventually. Heh.

*coughs some more*

Keep posting comments...they make me happy! Time to go running.

EDIT: So I checked out the distances with my bike's spedometer. Yesterday I did about .85 miles (possibly .9), today I did 1.15. My bike isn't quite set correctly, so it displays about 1/10 mile over. It said the shorter route was like .96, and that the longer route was 1.26. Anyways, I'll stick to the longer route from now on.
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