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*reflects upon today's date*

*realizes it's past midnight*

*discontinues reflecting*

Friday afternoon I walked home with Ben, Paul, and Zach, and we temporarily parted ways so that Paul and I could get pizza. It was good pizza (sammy's) and we walked to my house, chilled, and we all spent the night at Zach's, though Ben walked home just before midnight, so technically he didn't. It was fun, we watched TV, played Apples to Apples, and ate pizza, watched videos and sort of played games. I got home about noon and Paul left my house about 1:00. Twas all good.

I'm very hungry for pizza right now.

EDIT: I guess as any diehard fan is obligated to do, I must mention that new screenshots and several more previews of Halo 2 have been released. No, I'm too lazy to give linkage, but I will say I was tricked by those fools. It's all the product of a media embargo that was lifted 12:01 AM Friday, which I failed to realize was under Pacific Standard Time. So Thursday night I stayed up till 12:30 AM wondering why the new previews and shots hadn't been posted. I was rather sad to hear they ditched the ATV (APC) for multiplayer, at least. I was also slightly irked by the symmetry between the Covenant and Human weapons (carbine/battle rifle, beam rifle/sniper rifle, plasma rifle/SMG, brute shot/rocket launcher [the differences for that one is obvious but the point still stands]) but I trust Bungie enough to smooth it out. Plus, the build they were demonstrating is at least three months old....very, very comforting.
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