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This week has slowly been growing more enjoyable and fun at an exponential rate. Not to say it didn't start out great, because, well, it was great at the beginning too. Today was nifty, as I finally got the recommended 7 hours of sleep (I'm trying to cut down on the obligatory sleep comments) and I finally have proof that less sleep makes for a longer, harder school day. I swear, my classes flew by, and I had enough energy after school to chill with Caitlyn, and Megan, Katherine (she had to break off from the group shortly afterwards to go to dance), and Ben Feldman, and we ended up running into Ben Myers, and he stuck with us for a while, and summoned Zach down, but then they went back up to their house, and Megan went her own way. About then it was, I guess, 4:30, and Ben Feldman stuck with us for another 10 minutes, and I parted ways with Caitlyn at exactly 4:50, which I must say was excellent timing all around.

We perused a lot of places, mostly at Megan's choosing and whim, but the only place worth noting was Center Ithaca, at which the fire alarm went off and prevented me from getting pizza. :-( We walked around and 5 minutes later there were 3 fire trucks surrounding the place, and the firemen were just leaving. It smelled like things were burning because we were next to some food place. I walked home at a really fast pace, it only took me 10 or 15 minutes to get home from the commons, which just made the icing on the already delicous cake. Overall was mucho excellente.

I have a lot of homework this weekend, plus there's a party at Colette's from 4:30 to 9:30 Sunday, so I may try and tackle some tonight. May being the key word in that sentence. I talked with Gwen on the phone for a long time (like an hour or so) and Daniel for a little while (30 minutes), so I feel extremely socialized today. Today was just awesome to its very core.
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