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So far this weekend has not lived up to par. Mostly because of a friend of my parent's, who's staying over. Including his little 12/13 year old kid. For some reason, the decided that they'd stick the kid in my room. Why? I don't know. As many of you out there know, I am not particularly fond of middle schoolers. They bother me.

In any case, the two of them got here last night at 7:00. Being expected to entertain the poor child, the only game I had that was worthy of his parent's approval was Burnout 3 (even this was something of a stretch...Halo and Ninja Gaiden were too violent, Fable was....ahem, Dead or Alive was get the idea...). Problem being, he's not a gamer. So he kinda sucked at it. And when I say kinda, I mean really, really, really. Because of that, it only lasted like 30 minutes, so I pleaded to Daniel to bail me out. We talked for like 30 minutes, leaving the kid to read my game manuals and stuff (he said he wanted to!) and was at peace for 20 minutes, until my dad guilt tripped me and had me set him up with the only game suitable for him (or his rents) on my computer, Crack Attack (you line of blocks of the same's innocent...) which worked for about 15 minutes. After that I was forced to abandon the phone, and managed to chat him up for 10 minutes, until (This being about 10:00) he tuckered out, hopped onto my bed, and proceeded to sleep. The indignity of it all was overwhelming, and I didn't really feel like sleeping on my couch, waiting to fall asleep for many hours. So I walked upstairs and watched TV in relative peace, falling asleep on a couch at about midnight.

They leave tomorrow morning.
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