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School was pretty good for a Monday, almost no homework, and a fairly windy day makes for a pretty good package all around. My grades are slowly creeping back up, but I don't think it's in time for the 5-week report. Chemistry struck another blow to me in that I screwed up, again, on this lab, because I didn't check the letter of the solution we took, meaning we don't know the accepted value of what we measured. Anyone in Smith's class would understand. Chemistry, even though I keep trying and trying just doesn't wanna yield. I just need to keep sharp in there, it's a lot different than my other classes. I can really just lay back and keep an ear out for something I don't know most of the time, (this doesn't work when I'm tired, I fade out too much).

I sold three Nintendo games to Jared, for 20 bucks (we agreed 15 but he gave me 20 anyways), meaning I have enough to get Burnout 3. I've found a deal on EA's website to get 10 bucks off XBox Live and get free shipping, so I think I'm gonna take that. I'm planning on doing all my final mowing this Friday - It should be nice since it's cooling down (It's supposed to be 20 degrees tonight!), which I'm really sorta looking forward to, getting a little exercise, being outside, no school, I dunno, just seems like a nice prospect. At the moment I'm really chilling, all I have for homework is a short bit of reading for English. I kinda wish I could sit in a hammock with some techno (I really need this stuff on CD!) and nap. But I have no hammock, it's too cold outside, I have no techno on CD, I could spend all day boring you with that nonsense. Anyways, I'm hoping I can order Burnout and Live tonight or tomorrow, using a little loan from mah rents.
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