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The big long post about my weekend has arrived! Huzzah.

So Sam arrived to my house at like 2:00, and we chilled, ate this awesome bread, and stuff until 4, at which point we left to go to Kerry's house. We looked at pictures, failed at getting Kerry's VCR to work, and other various things. People started arriving at like 6:00 (Ben, Colette, and Zach, then about 15 minutes later Jennie, then Jared, and about two ish hours later Sho, along with Max...). Sho turned out to be the only surprised one about Sam being there, which was severely dissapointing (to me, at least), but it was fun none the less. We ran around outside and continually attempted to sit down and talk, which we continually failed at. It ended at 11:00 and everyone left all at once, by some miracle.

We slept and Sunday arrived. Sam and I set up all the church shtuff and Sam ran the sound for old time's sake. After church at like 12:15 we met up with Sho, Evan, and Kerry and walked to Wownet and played pool, which all of us suck at. Evan had to go, (This being about 1:30) so we went on top of the parking garage. Sho kept saying it was "sketchy" but neither Kerry nor I could find anything truly illegal about being on top of the little used thing. It was extremely cold, so we decided to head down into Collegetown Bagels, which was overpopulated, so we went to Juna's. We ate stuff and I had a moccha, and sat down and felt very warm. (Also, Jeff, Scott, and Brennan made random appearances throughout.) After much coercing, they managed to get me to step into Evolution (I never left the "normal" section), at which Sho bought something, who knows what. We walked from there to T-Shirt express and perused the funny and amusing shirts they had.

From there we parted ways with Sho, and walked up to my house. We hung around there for a good two hours (I owned them all in foosball) and my dad drove us to Dan's house for a little thing he was having there. We ate pizza, played Burnout 3, Halo, SSBMelee, and the little DBZ thingy game. He has a wicked awesome house. Jared didn't get there until we had to leave, unfortunately. We got home at 8:30, and we were left with the dilemma of having two hours to fill. We talked and played scrabble (we came up with new words such as "uzisexed" and "dwifing") and stuff.

Sam left this morning at 7:30 (he didn't wake me up, just left a note). Lots of fun.
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