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Behold, the Power of Froehlich (O.o)
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This week has been, in many ways, a week of...discovery. This is gonna sound cheesy, but I think I discovered the meaning of family. I had a long, long talk with Christopher, about a LOT of things, which we've never done before. I was already sort of "bonded" with Jonothan, but I think Christopher and I are so much closer now. I never understood why I was so much like my brothers and cousins, until I realized we're all Froehlichs. If there's one thing I want to remember in life, it's that I'm a Froehlich, and I always will be. Most people don't take much notice or pride of their name, and I didn't either until recently, when my teachers and friends started calling me Froehlich instead of Tim.

The thing I find so astounding about this is that I, a 15 year old kid, can have such similarities with a 50-something year old uncle, two cousins over 15 years older than me, and two brothers, all who have a generation apart from me. That bond, as I have learned this week, is family.

In light of this revelation, I've grown a lot closer to my family over the past few days. My uncle and my only other male cousin, Josh (29 or 30) arrived on Sunday. We haven't done anything spectacularly amazing, but we have spent a lot of time relaxing and enjoying oursleves, watching movies, reading, talking, sleeping, eating (lots of eating). I was watching the new Star Wars DVDs with John (they didn't make it any better, they stupified more stuff, but some parts are much clearer), and we watched Beautiful Girls the other night.

In other news, we got Windows XP Professional installed, and I now have about 2500 dollars worth of software on this machine. My Uncle Jim gave me Neverwinter Nights (Platinum), which is another game to add to the pile. For some reason Trillian has gone haywire, and Gaim too, so I have to reinstall Trillian before I can get back on IM, for those of you wondering about the lack of my presence on IM. Actually, I just fixed it, nevermind. I think we're about to watch the extended version of RotK, so I'm gonna go join them.
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