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I was prompted to do this from a post on Eileen's blog, but for different reasons than hers. This was also encouraged by an introductory thing we did as we're starting Macbeth in English. We listened to famous audio clips from musicians who died young, while showing pictures of them and explaining how they died. I mused to myself how much it would suck to be them. I've never wanted fame or fortune (although money for the random things in life would be great), just from examples like all these people who chased after really retarded stuff in a vain search for happiness. I didn't make this to mock those who have died in useless pursuits of satisfaction, though.

As I was pondering a comment to Eileen's post, I got thinking a little bit. I've never really talked about death on here before, I figured it was long enough and fit for this context. Death has never really scared me. I look forward to it, in some ways, but that desire comes out of my faith, not from some emo self-preservation issue. In the same way, death around me doesn't really scare me either. It may be a callous look on things, but I get tired of people saying the same things over and over again when it comes to others dying. National or international tragedies leave me highly unsympathetic due to the reactions I see around me. Very few people actually care, most pretend, or care out of obligation. This is not to say they shouldn't care, but some elements of the facade could be done without. For me, dropping a dollar in the bucket for a charity just doesn't make me feel like I've done my duty to help those in tragedy. I remember the school-run charities during Middle School when 9-11 hit, and giving a few dollars to get the neat-o red-white-n'-blue ribbons they were handing out for donations of more than 10 cents. Perhaps it's the only thing I CAN or COULD do, but it doesn't change that "I want to do something a little more" feeling. I doubt that will ever change. When/if I donate, I don't do it out of a guilty conscience, but out of duty and the knowledge that it would help.

Back to the real point. Death. I don't know about most of you, but death just doesn't phase me. I don't hold a lot of attachment to this life - most of it is spent working so that I can rest. Ironic, no? If anyone I was remotely attached to died, I'd be sad, don't mistake what I'm saying for a lack of caring. What I would NOT do, is make bad resolutions to not make the same mistake most people do, which is not to live life to their potential. I'm not a fan of cheesy (no matter how dire or set in stone you may seem at the time) resolutions, either. The only thing I fear? Pain. A gun to the head doesn't scare me, but drowning has the potential to make me quiver. Why? It would be pain that can't even be soothed or aided, unstoppable, while you get to contemplate what happens to you in three more minutes. Another good example for this? Cancer. Cancer doesn't scare me. The treatment does. The stories I hear about chemotherapy and radiation therapy really don't sound pleasant to me. Sure, the cancer itself aint a walk in the park, but I somehow doubt it would cause the same kind of pain.

Enough of my musings, go do something else.
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