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I finished all of the content on the other pages for now - the games section will take well-nigh forever to get to the point that I want it, but, it's acceptable for now. I'm happy with all I've gotten done.


I went to see one of Gwen's lacrosse games (she's on junior varsity i think) today, after walking like 4 miles around the school and getting Pizza from Sammy's. Paul and I sat around and watched her game, which, (no offense, please don't hurt me) was massively unexciting. It reminded me of how all Northern sports suck (excluding colleges, it's generally reversed geographically according to college). 5 of my 9 years in Mississippi were spent playing soccer (yes, I started at the age of 4, before I even started school, or close at least). Soccer is gigantically huge down there - Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina are all deep into it. The way it worked when I played, was soccer was completely seperate from school (the way it should be). Every year, there would be try outs where all the kids would perform a certain set of things (dribble around some cones, pass to another guy, recieve a pass, then shoot on the goal), and the coaches would stand around and pick which ones they wanted. My best friend at the time (Brandon Adcock....ironically, there was another kid in our neighborhood and also on the team named Daniel Cox....yeah...), his dad was a coach, so he usually picked the same people every time. In fact, most of the teams stayed the same, it was rare that you got picked by a coach you didn't know (unless, of course, you didn't know any).

All the teams had full uniforms - knit jerseys, each player got the number of their choosing, socks, shorts. Our team was usually blue or purple, and purple is actually not that bad of a color. It was darkish, so you didn't feel girly wearing it. In addition to that, everyone always got new shin-guards and cleats each year....good memories. Then there were the games, ah, the games. Our town had it's own complex of soccer fields (this is a town of 25-30,000 people, slightly smaller than Ithaca's base population), which had one baseball field, and 18 or 20 soccer fields total. Games were almost always on Fridays and Saturdays (during the school year), and usually the same during the summer. During the tournaments we'd usually have 2-3 games each day, and the games were never canceled. 40 degrees out? We still played. Thunderstorms? That was a really fun game, I still remember that one. Yeah, that doesn't happen up here. The games up here are so far form hardcore, it's not even funny.

Another thing I noticed was laxidazical management of water and snacks. When we played, players had to bring these 2 gallon jugs, which were usually used up by the end of the game. You never waited till half-time to drink, either. You'd always signal the coach and he'd sub you for 5 minutes. Someone always brought snacks, too, for the end of the game. I could ramble on for hours about my experience, but as a kid, it was way more intense than anything I saw today. Definately makes me wish there were a proper soccer league around here.


As for lacrosse...

I won't go into it, at risk of being threatened by certain lacrosse players.

And now, I must prepare for this rafting trip over the weekend.


I forgot a little peeve of mine in Chemistry. If any of you know Matt Bloomfield, you know he's a pain. I walk into Chemistry...

"So, Tim, did you go to that lecture on the shape of space?"
"Nah, I would of if I could, was it good?"
"It was ok, he just talked about how we don't know the shape of space, and why that is."
"I dunno...I'd say the universe is a sphere. What else could it be?"
*Matt laughs*
"So you're saying you're smarter than all these scientists and the combined research of our entire history?"
"What? First off, history is not a collective attempt to figure out the shape of space. Secondly, I'm basing this of common sense, logic, and a lot of research on my part."
"Throughout history, science has always been attempting to figure out what our universe and like. These are scientists, they've done tons of research!"
"Dude, look at it this way. Before the Big Bang, the universe didn't exist, right? The capacity for space was not there, so when the Big Bang occured, it occured everywhere, at an equal quantity of force. As it expands..."
"No, you're wrong. Space was there before the Big Bang. How would you know this?"
"For one thing, it's basic logic, and for another, it came out of a Scientific American."
"Well, I read that too, but space was still there."
"What the crap? Highly respected scientists contribute there! You were just saying..."
*Eli jumps in*
Eli: "Tim, you're wrong, space is obviously a dodecahedron."
Tim: "What the crap? No! That's not physically possible!"
Matt: "How would you know?"
*further conversation is cut off by the teacher, whom we had ignored in the middle of class to argue*

Furthermore, he does it again today.

Matt: "So, Tim, would you like to share more of your expansive knowledge about the universe? Since you're really smart on these things..."
Tim: "Dude, I have a clue on this. Space is..."
Eli: "It's a dodecahedron!"
Matt: "It can't be a sphere!"
*again, conversation is cut off by the teacher*

Stuff like this ticks me off. But you don't need to hear more.
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