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Strangely Akin to a Boy (O.o)
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That's right. It's time for me to summarize and complain about all my classes. I will finish this quickly, so I can return to my game of Rome.

  • German 3H: Oh, we all know how I feel about Mary. My feelings towards her softened a little towards the end of the year, mostly due to the extreme feeling of 'I don't have to do anything to please this woman.'. At least I'm done with her.

  • Math 10H: Ms. House turned out to actually be a pretty good teacher. She started to warm up a little bit more towards the end of the year, but I still can't get past the fact the she looks exactly like a chipmunk. And I'm not even joking. She was nice though. Hopefully my Math teachers next year won't be among the sucky ones.

  • Principles of Engineering: Mr. Peters tried so hard to teach our class something about engineering, and I dare say he failed. I can't really blame him, but he just didn't know the material enough to teach it. He's a nice guy, and would be a great teacher, if he only knew what he was teaching. Fun class, though, making mousetrap cars, the machine-contrapto thingies, and bridges. Which is basically all we did the entire year.

  • Global 2H: Mrs. Rumney left me really, really unsatisfied most of the year. She's a really, really good teacher, but she didn't really challenge us at all. Admittedly, most of the class wouldn't want the challenge, but the class was really, really easy. The lowest grade I ever got on a test/quiz in there, iirc, was a 78. Most of them were 100's. I didn't really learn anything, although i kind of knew a lot of history beforehand anyways.

  • Programming: Mrs. Teukolsky is probably my best teacher, and she taught my favorite subject, so it was kind of automatically my best class. I need not say more.

  • English 10H: Mr. Asklar is probably one of my not-so-favorite English teachers. He was really impersonal, really forgetful, and seemed like he was only here to pay the bills. He missed school more often than I did - think about that for a moment. We didn't really do much writing or anything, just kind of....I dunno. Hard to describe.

  • Physical Chemistry: Ms. (b) Smith is a horrible, horrible teacher. Horrible. She doesn't know it, she just kind of drones on and on about whatnot, but she does not know how to teach. Chemistry could have been a cool subject, but it was mad boring with her. Some stuff was cool - making ice cream with liquid nitrogen, cooking marshmallows with liquid nitrogen, cooking cheez-its with liquid nitrogen, spilling liquid nitrogen on my arms, throwing moles in liquid nitrogen, throwing balloons in liquid nitrogen, throwing bananas in liquid nitrogen, and, of course, pouring liquid nitrogen into cups. That's actually suprisingly difficult - there's so much water vapor everywhere you can't see when you're pouring the liquid nitrogen. Ahem.

  • PE: Uh....

And there you have... year.
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