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I shouldn't be doing this.
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I had this crazy dream last night.

At first sitting in my old car (the blue Mazda MPV, a van of generic proportions), my dad and I got out and entered the nearby grocery store (i believe it was a Jitney Jungle, a Tops-like southern chain), which for some reason, had its front doors closed. This was soon resolved by a burley set of men carrying a battering ram (a big log, in this case), bashing the automatic sliding doors, which somehow caused them to open (correctly, no less).

Upon entering the grocery store, everything seemed to be in order. All the lights were on, everything was perfectly maintained, but all the staff were gone. And yet, for some reason, everyone just went about their business shopping. I, of course, being the brilliant being that I am, realized the perfect opportunity to loot the store for cookies and bacon (this was a very vivid dream), and quickly sprinted about the store looking for these two items. My first attempt at looting cookies from the store yielded the largest cracker in existence. No, really. I grabbed a cracker that was three feet in diameter, mistaking it for a cookie. Unable to find my favorite "Chips Ahoy!" brand cookies (this store was like Aldis, it only carried the crappy third-party stuff), I figured the next best thing was bacon. After digging through layers of vegetables (this store also had an amazing selection of vegetables, which many customers told me during my search for cookies and bacon), I was rewarded by a plain white box of "Willard" brand bacon, which I tossed into my dad's shopping cart.

This whole time, my dad had been perusing a single wall of frozen items, and was not as enthusiastic about looting the store as I was. Knowing the staff would return soon and catch me looting (although at this point there was no proof of that), I sprinted about the store to find it was actually ridiculously small, and that it only had one entire wall of crackers, two isles of frozen items (mostly vegetables and spatulas), and a few big bins of cauliflower. In my desperate need to steal something from this store, I grabbed three boxes of crackers, and started to push towards the door when a single cashier came from the back room. Figuring we could still run, I pushed forward, but my dad stopped and informed me that I would have to repay the debt by sweeping the sidewalk.

I don't remember what happened after that, but that was one weird dream.
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