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Ow, ow, ow.
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After spending 4 or 5 hour's in Sho's clothing, I am fully acquainted with women's apparel (no, i did not wear it all, sickos). I accidentally ripped her jacket trying to get it on, and her shirt and pants just barely fit. Ugh, I've done it once, I'll never do it again.

In case you're wondering, I was not, in fact, a transvestite (like Ben or Zach), but an emo child. Pictures are soon to come (everybody seemed to find it extremely amusing). Just so you know, I went out with the intention of wearing a robe and a beanie and just looking normal, but no, that would not do. It was not willingly done.

The night as a whole was not super great, but I've never actually had a very good Halloween, it seems to be a tradition. That's okay. I'm feeling more upbeat than previously posted, somewhat thanks to you folk out there. Thank you.

I just hope Sho's dad didn't see me. That would be awkward.


No way. I'm not making it easier for you to find those pictures.
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