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You guys are so needy. I go a week after posting two large items, and you get all wanty. A pox on your glazed donuts, that's what I say.

Overall, things are well. My weekend has been highly bovine, lots of doing nothing and relaxing. I went and saw Serenity with Karel last night, around which fun ensued. Paul was over Friday night and we flopped about like beached weasels, in general. For having so much socialization over the weekend, I still feel like I've done nothing. Although that might just be the 6 episodes of the Sopranos I watched, one can never tell. I'm through season one, at least.

Other things of significance to report? I played Battlefield 2 with Ben the other night, which was roughly akin to baked guitar. My performance was comparable to that of a sun-dried noodle. The usual routine would be something like, "Tim runs around corner." "Tim sees enemy." "Tim fires approximately 4 shots." "Tim dies from the stupid M203s." "Ben steps out and kills reloading enemy." "Ben resurrects Tim." "Repeat.".

Beyond that, I've canceled my subscription to WoW, since I just haven't played it enough. I may bring it back in December or January or some other time suitable for tanning the island of Crete.

On a an entirely serious note that contains no penny of sarcasm, I learned that EA is collaborating with the porn industry. No joke. Jack Thompson doesn't lie, man. He'd never lie. He's a completely honest individual that is completely qualified to be a lawyer. I heard it all, man. I heard it all. (go listen to the interview.)

I hope you are satisfied. My fungal linkage should amuse you until I have the energy to provide you with real entertainment.
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