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  1. Digital Electronics. Mr. Peters is a caring kind of guy, but not a superior teacher. He'll be better than last year, as this is his fourth year teaching this course, but the real amusement comes from making fun of him in class. It's a good class for first period, anyways. Mike's the only friend in there.
  2. APCS. New computer lab? Check. Installed with Tiger, and not with some crappy early version of OSX? Check. New, uglier, thicker, heavier textbook? Check. Eclipse? Check. Boredom? Check. Love the subject, but I am not good at sitting down and learning it. Karel's the only friend in there, so things may be even more boring than last year. Ideally, if we learn at a pace at a minimum of four times faster than last year, I might be able to hold my interest.
  3. Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM). I don't know where the school is getting the money, but they got the best Dells on the market in there. Somehow, and I don't know how it's physically possible for a computer to do this, but these things draw 6 amps (my computer probably draws 2, most draw 1 or 1.5), so they weren't running yet, because they blew the circuit almost instantly. Could be a fun class, and Briegle is a good teacher. Mike and K2 are in there, so things are positive.
  4. Math 11H. Seriously considering dropping to Regents. I cannot deal with Csaki. Her voice, "de homeverk, zoo must doo ze homeberk!". I'll stick it out for at least a few more days to see. Add: sitting next to Greg. Add: only person I know in the class is Elliot.
  5. AP Physics B. Ms Lynn really didn't seem that bad. Definitely what I was hoping. Mark (Dong) is in there, and as for acquaintences, Khoa and Justin (Loomis, kind of a jerk, but better than nobody). The only thing that scares me is that 70% of the grade is tests. That just might scare me into studying. The class (double period, every other day, always) went shorter than the math class, so it's not too bad. An abundance of asian kids in this class.
  6. See above.
  7. H US History. Powers, man, he is hilarious. Not like, comedic, but he fits a funny reference into everything he says. Good guy, no doubts he'll be a good teacher. Colette's the only friend in there, and as for acquaintences, there's Ben (Lou), Mia, Lauren. Strange abundance of republicans in here. I suspect the entire conservative "team" is in this one class.
  8. H English11. The good part of this class is just having it with so many people I know. There's Ben Myers, Zach, Ben Feldman, Mike, and a half a dozen other acquaintences in there. Amodeo isn't exactly fantastic, she's got a sense of humor, and seemed to think that Ben, Zach, and I were hilarious. She's a very typical English teacher though, which is good. I missed having one of those last year.
Somehow, I ended up in none of the same classes as Gwen or Paul, but that will most certainly happen next year. That's my philosophy this year: think about senior year. 4 free periods. 4 free periods. 4 free periods. Even I, the slacker, am beginning to feel the environmental pressure of the classes. I have four classes that will be earning me college credit. Four. I'm not worried, and I have no doubt the pressure to work harded than previous years will wear off soon enough. But for now, it's disconcerting.
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