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This week has generally not been great, though mostly circumstantially. I'm pretty much over Daisy, and Jen is as annoying as ever. It's life.

Work has been highly mundane, thanks to the task I've currently been assigned to. I'm supposed to be updating their entire inventory, recording everything and making sure the resources list is updated. This includes all their catalogs. As energy auditers, they need to know the cheapest and most efficient items of just about all housing materials - plumbing, lighting, electricity, HVAC (heating-ventilation-A/C), architecture, blah blah blah. So they have a big wall of catalogs from tons of companies on all of this stuff. Whenever they last logged their inventory of this stuff, they didn't record the date of the catalog and the website. So, my job is to go through all 150+ of these things and find a date and website. I have like 1/3 of the wall left to do. Thank heavens.

I had a lot more to write, but I can't articulate well right now, and I don't want to rewrite this later. For now, watch this, see the aftermath.
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